Braveheart Krav Maga- are you ready?

Krav Maga

Are you Ready?

Costs: Adults and kids classes. Private Lessons


Adult (8 lessons a month

Mondays and Wednesdays)                  $140 per month

Adult (4 lessons a month-either 

Monday or Wednesday)                         $80 per month


(Mondays and Wednesdays)                  $80 per month (discounts for siblings)

Private Lessons                                      Matt Burke (Lead Instructor, CIC, KIC), $80 per hour

                                                                Stephen Gough (Instructor, CIC, KIC), $50 per hour

                                                                Tom Gibbs (Instructor, CIC, KIC), $50 per hour

                                                                Libby Blaik (Instructor, CIC), $50 per hour

First Group Lesson                                 Free